How To Download a YouTube Video in Just 2sec

Watching YouTube be Online Consume a lot of data, Specially if you wanted to watch something important.

Having made a lot of research and Downloading a lot of apps to be downloading YouTube videos to watch offline, I then realized that they are not working properly.

Luckily there is a very simple and understanding way to do it simply which am going to guide you through today, let begins the tutorial.

How to Download YouTube Video Without sweat I have use this Tips to download YouTube with my Android phone, but I don't know if it work for Java Devices but i recommend you give it a try also if you are reading this post with java device or Symbian..

Let's Move on:
•Now Open your Opera Mini Browser and Go to YouTube and Search for any video you want to download, Now Click on that video via youtube.
•now On you Browser address bar you will see the Youtube Address Link you want to watch (remember dont click on watch video o) e.g, at this juncture, what you have to do it to add “ss” to, E.g Then press go button, a new server will open and Ask you to Choose video quality you want to download, (for me i use MP3–144px quality) then on any one you like and download.

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