Instant Games on Facebook Messenger to be Revealed To All Facebook Users Soon

Last Year 2016, November to be precise, Facebook promised to bring instant games to its messaging App for Android and iOS. This feature which according to Facebook will be available to US only. But the Good news is that it is been rolled out globally.

You should understand that this roll out will take sometime to reach it 1 Billion users around the World.

Rich game play features (such as turn-based games) are built into the experience now, as well as game bots - which help game makers call out stuff like new levels and rewards.

The selection of games has been expanded too. Depending on where you are and what device you're using, you can access up to 50 titles, with more coming every week.

For that can't just do without games, well I hope you love this. Lets relax and see and this rolls out and what the games would look like!

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