How To Get your own Free US, UK and China Shipping Address and Start Shopping Online

If you are looking to get any of the above mentioned country's Shipping Address for free for your online purchases then you are on the right post.

If you are the type that loves shopping outside the Country, you would need this for shopping online at any US, UK or China store.

Here is how it works:
You get the address, You shop, You have your goods delivered to your Address here in Nigeria or anywhere in the World.

How to get a Free US, UK or China AddressYou are going to be needing the service of a website called shoptomydoor. 

About Shoptomydoor Founded 2009, Shoptomydoor offers you a stress-free life. In short, Most online stores in the U.S, UK or China don’t ship internationally because it’s too complicated and costly. Shoptomydoor takes over that role, allowing you to take advantage of all the items and sales available only to people living in the U.S, UK or China.In order to get a free address from these countries.

Follow the steps below;Head in to and Signup for an account. Make sure you use your correct details e.g. Email, Phone Number etc. When you finish signing up you would be taken to your dashboard and there you have your free US, UK or China Address you can use to shop online.

Now you need to do two things to get started;Verify your Phone Number Input your Delivery Address i.e. where you want your Goods delivered Congratulations!Now you can shop freely and shoptomydoor would deliver your goods to your registered Nigeria or any other Countries address (Infact to your doorstep).

You can checkout their shipping costs here. Have you been assigned your Own US, UK or China Address? Let me know in your Comments..

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