Airtel Soon To Launch Unlimited DATA Plans

Airtel set to launch unlimited data plans soon or later. Video about this upcoming plan has been trending online and even on TV stations. Airtel has once introduced an unlimited data plan but it was time based; unfortunately, the plan has been discontinued months ago.

The video was made to inform us that Airtel unlimited data plans are on the way. The video is already trending on their Facebook and Twitter page.

If you are very conversant with social media most especially twitter, you’ll notice that Airtel NG have one of the best video advert so far and now again, they've given another astonishing video advert, telling you that Airtel unlimited data is coming soon.

When Should We Anticipate This Unlimited Plans from Airtel?

Currently, I have no clue on when the unlimited data would be launched, as Airtel left us all in anticipation.

We all know that Airtel is one of the telcos with good network coverage in almost all locations. Releasing this unlimited plan will get them more subscribers and sales. I'm sure, we won't worry about Airtel zapping the data, if truly it is unlimited.

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