School Stories: Matty's Experience Part4

As time went on and I began to adapt to the whole situation, I was no longer worried about the whole unfair games going on.. The boss's wife would prepare some nice dishes for us, we would chat, laugh, aid each other in carrying out some activities at work go home happily and resume the next day. Little did we know the whole fantasy would change after an experience.. Well to an extent it turned out in my favor, and the odds were against Goddy.. It wasn't his fault though..

It was a normal day for us. Like the other days, we woke up as usual as early as was necessary. Took our baths in our various homes and I had my favorite breakfast of yam and red oil beans and set out for my almost two kilometers journey to our workplace. If only we were to be aware of the ugly and painful incident awaiting us at the shop, the whole blow was heavily felt more on our madame who would have saved herself the excruciating pains that was to be her lot later in the day.

Not more than two hours after getting into her shop that she received an unusual and strange visitor. Perhaps again if she had been a bit sensitive the spirit and had paid a little attention to certain events earlier in the morning, maybe she would have observed a kind of premonition that would have acted as danger or warning signs to her.

But her haste to finish an urgent job for a customer who had been on her neck and she had sincerely given her words that the job definitely would be ready for collection that very morning made her somehow very careless and oblivious of any likely untoward incident. This fully occupying her mind, she practically threw caution into the air and ignored such red signs of impending or looming dangers to his unfortunate peril.

As madam opened her shop, a young but very shabbily dressed lady quietly entered her shop. Madam saw her, but being very preoccupied with the urgency of the job in her hands for the stubborn customer, she merely gave her a casual glance and continued with she work. Unknown to madam, trouble was by the door about to explode. I and Goddy were already occupied with something we left undone.... Fraudsters had chosen her that day as their rightful victim.

While madam continued what she was doing without paying much attention the lady began to unwrap some things from her bag, and like magic, madams attention was diverted to the lady, who started telling her to play some silly games and conducted some meaningless interviews. Eventually she became apprehensive when the lady collected a huge sum of money a left.

Before Madam could regain consciousness the lady had already vanished withe money including sales of the previews day running to hundreds of thousand of Naira. It was later after some days that Madam realized what actually hit her but it was too late for her to seek any form compensation and redress, but to wait and face the wrath of oga Giddy.

She had been a victim of officially arranged scam, madam  was left in a terrible state of confusion and pain for days asking herself why on earth anyone should choose to treat her so wickedly and heartlessly like. Experience they say is the best teacher.

In my next part I would be briefly talking about the boss himself oga Giddy, you wouldn't like to miss stay tuned...

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