UNILORIN Notice To Returning Students

All Students of University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) are
to note the following instructions which are to be
strictly adhered to, please.
-Students are to attach a copy of their course
forms to the Add & Drop Form.
-In cases where the Credit loading is going to
exceed the maximum of 24 credits, kindly attach to
the Add & Drop Form, a copy of the course
registration and Dean’s approval of the extra Credit
-The minimum Credit allowed is 15 Credits, except
for spill over students whose minimum is 5
-This Add & Drop Form is for the Harmattan
Semester only, as any inclusion of Rain Semester
Courses would not be entertained.
-Forms not accompanied with necessary
documents that would allow the Academic Support
Services validate the claim made in application
would not be treated, please.

-The Add & Drop Form will not be accessible on
line as from Thursday, 6th February,
-All forms properly collated and with all necessary
attachments should reach the Academic Support
Services Directorate not later than Friday, 10th
February, 2017.

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