School Stories: Matty's Experience Part3

I met Godswill at a place called Neco quarters while playing football there for the first time. Neco quarters was a place of so much fun activities such as bicycling, playing the locally made table tennis, ‘gyming’ and stunting. Funny and interesting incidents occurred there.

Like an incident of a young guy who tried to pull a crazy stunt on a bicycle by driving it and waving his hands. He had to be rushed to a nearby clinic as a sharp object on the bicycle seat nearly tore his thigh into two and approaching his testicles. Goddy had just lost he’s father and though he wasn't working, the pressure of fending for his junior ones as the eldest brother and newest head of the home started showing on the young man. The idea of introducing him to my boss dawned on me as a caring friend so as to relief him of some burden of idleness, boredom and brokenness.

After one week of my employment the boy that was assisting me got admission and I was left alone, the work became tiring and stressful for me alone as a beginner. I therefore suggested to them if I could bring along one of my friend, my plea to my boss was readily approved once they heard he was an orphan, and Goddy was employed. What really made Him rise to the climax of his praises and relationship with my boss was that eagerness. And what made my rating drop was my sluggishness.

I and Godswill were just good friends visiting each other and having fun times as free young broke boys would do, we seldom had any misunderstanding, but as soon as money came into our way, the whole story changed. Now after an extended period of frustrating reprimands and a little mixture of insults, which ate deep into my heart, I had no choice but to accept my faith and start acting like the weakling they all saw me as, it wasn't entirely my fault because it started affecting me psychologically, emotionally & physically. Meanwhile at that time my #nemeses Godswill grew stronger in their favor.

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