School Stories: Matty's Experience Part2

This is a continuation from the previous story, I would like to know your view on it, so your feedbacks would be really appreciated. Don't forget to always leave your comments in the the comments section below..

Ok back to the story... A little about my friend Goddy, He is a young man that was born into a family of 6, a Godly home, his parents weren't extremely wealthy but everything was good. His parents were farmers and he also took on the profession as a farmer. As common with all farmers he had the strength and eagerness which distinguishes them (farmers) from all other classes of Nigerians including traders, business classes and civil servants. He attended a local secondary school called Best start comprehensive collage.

Though he was tall, dark, built in structure (because he loved the gym), he was to an extent a loveable guy who always had he’s way with girls. There was a young lady who was crazily in love with him. They dated and their love flourished for three to four years until he got weary of her though he didn't express this new feeling outwardly. He tried as much as he could to suppress this feeling so he wouldn't hurt hers as she loved him with all her heart even up to the point of introducing him to her parent as her future spouse.

While we worked together at Gidanbu, she would bring all assorted types of food just form him, making me feel jeal*us. It would smell so nice that even neighbors would leave their place of work and come to take a peep at where the aroma was originating from..

But one day all hell broke loose as he told her off. She cried out her eyes and threatened a break up. All thanks to her undying love for him, she came begging though she wasn't at fault. Many other “love birds” incidents occurred but she always returned begging. Not until one faithful day they had a very big fight which made her fall sick, he bought her oranges not minding their quarrel as she would have done same. She begged him for reconciliation but this time he had already told me his heart was made up and hardened as brick wall. She so much begged him while he persistently refused, and to cut the funny story short, she softened the brick hardened heart with a proposal of giving him her precious v*rginity…………

Ok enough of this guy lets get back to the main story...

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