: Factors To Consider Before Choosing Exam Center For The Upcoming JAMB 2017

As we wait for the commencement of the 2017 UTME registration, we are taking our time to give out the necessary information that every JAMB candidate ought to know before registration commences.

Today, we will be giving out information on factors to consider before choosing your examination center i.e the state and local government you intend to sit for the examination.

Over the years, it has been discovered that most JAMB candidates proceed to choose their examination centers without considering some important factors.

Before you choose your exam center, consider the proximity of the location i.e how close the center is to your location, this is a very important factor to consider in order to avoid arriving late to the center on the exam.

If there is any reason why you have to choose such a center, then you should go to your exam location at least a day before the exam.

On the other hand, student who may have reasons why they must be at the exam center on the day of the exam, should endeavor to leave as early as possible to avoid getting stuck in a traffic or some other unforeseen hindrances.

Candidates should not choose a center because they have friends who have chosen same center; your friend might have a favorable reason why he/she chose the center. It is advisable to choose centers that are convenient for you.

This is the reason you should endeavor to register for the UTME on time. Candidates who are involved in late registration may end up in centers not favorable to them.

Meanwhile, 2017 UTME registration is yet to commence. We urge all the aspirants to keep calm while we look forward to the commencement of the 2017 UTME registration date.

We will bring the information to you the moment it commences officially.

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