Effective Ways To Prepare For An Upcoming Examination As A Student

Examinations play a very important role in certifying that one is equipped and capable of taking up a certain task. if you don't prepare for exam it means you have prepared to fail. Success doesn't just knock on our door step, we have to strive towards achieving it.

There are some necessary steps that should be taken which can really help us to make our dreams of making good grades become a reality. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for an examination effectively.

Prepare a reading time table and then make out time to study.

The first way to ensure that you pass an examination is to be prepared. Set out enough time to study and prepare adequately for the examination. Reading timetables are a good way to ensure that you keep to your routine.

Do not cram.

It’s been proven that cramming is not a good way to prepare for an exam because it is easier to forget when you cram, try as much as you can to read and understand, instead of cramming Study in intervals(30 mins-1hr ) and take breaks (15mins-20mins).

Make out clear illustrations of key points (use diagrams and charts where necessary).

Highlighting the key points, and marking them down is a quick way of studying during revisions. This removes the time spent on reading irrelevant information and helps you focus on potential exam questions. Visual aids (Charts and diagrams) are also ways of making it easier to study and also help in retention.

Attempt as many past questions you can find.

This helps a lot in revisions as they give you an insight into the exam questions and format. It also help to practice how to manage the allotted time for the examination. It also helps in accessing how prepared we are for the exam at hand.

Watch what you eat.

The fact is that what you eat can have an effect on focus and energy level. Keep your brain and body healthy by completely avoiding junk and sticking to a healthy diet. Foods that aids memory and concentration such as nuts, fish, fruits, and yogurts are more of an option. When preparing for an exam it’s not healthy to starve oneself as the brain and body requires constant nutrition to be able to function properly. Eat healthy and drink a lot of water.

Create your own reading groups.

Study groups help to brainstorm and also in problem solving. Exchanging ideas and solutions between members of the group can help in learning and preparing for the examination at hand. If you have areas of difficulties, seek out group members who can help put you through.

Get enough rest.

While you prepare for an examination don’t rule out the fact that your body needs it’s required amount of sleep to function properly. Get enough sleep ( 7 hours daily) to help put you in the right frame of mind and ease the stress and tension associated with preparing for examination.

I hope these tips would come in handy to those preparing for exams, kindly share this post. If you have other tips that can be helpful drop them in the comments below....

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