FG Government Regects 248 Billion Demand From ASUU. The Country Is In Recession Says Minister Of Labour

Chris Ngige, the minister of labor and productivity, has stated that the efforts made to resolve the dispute between ASUU an FG was stalled due to reasons that ASUU demanded 248 Billion Naira as payment for earned allowance.

He mentioned that the country cannot afford to release such an amount as the country is currently suffering economic ressecion. He also added that among all the 8 demands tabled by ASUU, it was only the issue of earned allowances payment that was still pending and unresolved.

He further stated that the FG had purposed to ASUU to be paying a certain agreed amount on a monthly basis, pending when the first tranche of money earlier given to ASUU for that purpose, would be audited.

ASUU however, brought up a counter proposal which made the two parties come to a temporary agreement and retreat to allow further consultations, after which they would meet and continue negotiations and hopefully come to an agreement.

Finally, lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best as it wouldn't be a good story to have our students sitting idle at home during this economic recession facing the country.

Have a great day.

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