How to make your bblited on psiphon or simple sever work faster again

Many has been complaining about sudden sluggishness in mtn bblited connection on psiphon.

Using blackberry BIS plans on Android
and iOS devices is not a new thing
anymore for many guys here but there
are still newbies everyday that would like to learn how to browse in a cheaper and more affordable price and they will have to learn some
of these things that others have been
enjoying for a long time.

Though this post is not only made for
newbies but for also those that are having
issues with sluggishness and slow
connection when using MTN BBLITED on
their phones. Recently, people has been
having problem and their BBLITED is no
more fast as it used to be some months
back so this post will treat that mess and
bring you back to the lightening fast
browsing planet.

I have included some proxy servers both
the ones known to you and the ones you
haven't used before. The purpose of this
servers is to eliminate and stop speed
throttling with your MTN BIS on Android
or iOS. If your current server is slow, I
will advice you to change it with any of
the listed servers here for faster browsing
and download speed.
MTN BBLITED is among the cheapest
Browsing alternative whenever there is
scarcity of free browsing tweaks.

For thos that are using BIS on Android for
the first time, I will advice you to use the
daily subscription to test it. It costs only
N70 and you will be given 5GB worth of
data to Brows any site and download as
you like. I have written a post on working proxies already , but for the sake of refreshing our memories I'll repeat them.



So guys, if you are already using mtn bis
on android or if you are familiar with the
settings, the only thing you need to do
replace to
or any of the above proxy.

 Now some people have been complaining of not being able to resubscribe for a while so I will be giving you working subscription codes below; 


1. For Daily BBLITED subscription code
dial *216*3*1# @ N70 FOR 5GB
2. For Weekly subscription code
dial *216*3*2# @ N350 FOR 5GB

3. For Monthly subscription code
dial *216*3*3# @ N1000 FOR 5GB

Are you still confused? If you have any
question or suggestion, let us know by
using the comment box below. Also share
this with your friends by hitting the the
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Happy browsing!!!

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